Miss (12/03/2020)

for Neil

Sorry, we cannot meet:
there are two lines that cannot intersect
like us, and I dodged the bullet, and the
collapse of our quantum wave functions.

Thanks Schrödinger – there are people
I never met, cannot meet, will be unfazed
to see in other timelines.
How I did break my ankle,
or your date, or what we could
have not ever destroyed.

Parallel Truths (20/04/2019)

"My brother and my sister don't speak to me / but I don't blame them"

- James Blake, "I Never Learnt To Share" (2011)

Alternatives (Schrödinger, 1952)
are another way of saying loss:
how Little Sis cried when Mom
reconsidered her own abortion;
Big Sis forgets to miscarry Mom;
a stranger owns my blog domain.
The wrong timeline a synonym to
this poem, a symptom of anomaly.