Post-SingPoWriMo 2018

Whew. Okay I suppose the month has been long over so although it’s not like anyone is going to read this, i’ll place it here just for the sake of registers.


‘Moonrain’ was a poem I did on Day 21 – You can say it’s one of my personal favorites during the 30 days, hence my posting of it below ^ ^ The rest though, i’m not too proud of them but at least I’ve felt that I’ve pushed the limits of my current wordplay ability (Words are beautiful creatures though, ah).


I’m pretty confident about getting into the anthology, though i’m far from having a proper manuscript of poems. Gosh – I don’t even want to think about how my prose has been rotting in a unloved corner.


On the day of the closing party, I received a waitlist for my application to Yale-NUS, which was incredibly frustrating at best. It’s a feeling where you know you haven’t been rejected (I was rejected on my last attempt), yet it’s not as if i’m hurtling towards success. I spent most of the month in a rather deep anxiety, dreading judgment day until to my worst fears it seems that the day has been extended for two more months. It’s nightmarish, and it’s currently affecting my mood to do anything productive.


To think that even just last year, I’ve given up applying for a second time due to the sheer emotion that is rejection, until my family has helped me with their words of encouragement. By this point, of course I want it so badly and I must succeed, right? I’ve gotten even further than the last time. It has been my dream to be a student there since I was still pottering around in NUS High (and feeling inferior to my STEM peers).


My fingers are crossed, but being tired of waiting just hurts.

Absence Notes

Currently participating in 2018’s iteration of SingPoWriMo (“Singapore Poetry Writing Month”), where in addition I have also volunteered for the role of a moderator (which means lots of half-baked critique dressed in casual comments). I may or may not upload links to this space once this siesta is over.

Also, one of our good poet friends have been discovered to be plagiarizing stanzas from the very beginning – I worry since the impact of such an exposé on her might be that of falling off a building, but likewise, I think for the users unaware of the theft.

A part of me is glad that my metaphors can be harvested like sweet potatoes. Not the most delicious things – But there’s sufficient time for selective breeding.

Signal Boost! (ง ̄▿ ̄ )ว

Okay since I did a response poem below, if you haven’t heard of the amazing, beautiful poet Natalie Wang you have from me now, because she is absolutely ferocious with processing her thoughts/emotions into words that keep me up late at night like flash bangs of inspiration.

I recommend my friends from the bottom of my maiden heart – Y’all should be able to tell from my maiden post.

End-of-Month Eclipse

Work tires me to no end but i’m pretty glad the skies weren’t too fuzzy tonight. I’m too exhausted to write poetry (although game for a little logging). Our most decorated satellite has been dolling up for a rare instance in her long flight in space, and her performance tonight reminded me of a song that went (in Japanese):


…which roughly translates (I think?) to:

(Pleading) the Moon to

(Dress these) calm shadows in soft makeup

It goes without saying that the Moon’s sheer beauty is something to covet – But legends in humanity’s history have detailed people going insane simply by encompassing the true view of the Moon in their vision.

I did try, although I think I haven’t succeeded, yet (; ・・)ゞ

Re: Word Vomit Challenge

Oh if any of y’all were wondering what the challenge was about, it was generated from the lovely Max Pasakorn, a fantastic spoken word artist and really good friend of mine in the poetry scene in Singapore ❤ You can read the details of it below:


Here are the rules of the challenge –

  • This challenge will take place for the remaining days in the month of January.
  • Every day, take about 5 minutes to “freewrite”. Freewriting refers to the process of writing continuously without stopping. The freewrite can take the form of verse or prose.
  • Then, post the “word vomit” onto this website. Do not spend any time editing the piece immediately.
  • Also, do not title the piece. Instead, when posting on this site, title the post as “Word Vomit Challenge: <date>”. Categorise it as “Word Vomit Challenge”.
  • Consider the “word vomit” as a completed piece of work on its own. Never edit the piece. Instead, feel free to craft other pieces of work by taking inspiration and/or copying lines from any of the word vomits.




I have considered over the past decade on whether I should begin a blog that acts as a journal/diary of sorts. Looking back at my own Tumblr which was eventually used as reblog fodder, I think it is about time I placed some of my musings and poetry somewhere static and pastoral, away from the dizzying metropolis that is social media.


With thanks to Andy Winter and Max Pasakorn for their encouragement and (positive) peer pressure, contributing to the existence of this blog. Love y’all °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°