Re: Word Vomit Challenge

Oh if any of y’all were wondering what the challenge was about, it was generated from the lovely Max Pasakorn, a fantastic spoken word artist and really good friend of mine in the poetry scene in Singapore ❤ You can read the details of it below:


Here are the rules of the challenge –

  • This challenge will take place for the remaining days in the month of January.
  • Every day, take about 5 minutes to “freewrite”. Freewriting refers to the process of writing continuously without stopping. The freewrite can take the form of verse or prose.
  • Then, post the “word vomit” onto this website. Do not spend any time editing the piece immediately.
  • Also, do not title the piece. Instead, when posting on this site, title the post as “Word Vomit Challenge: <date>”. Categorise it as “Word Vomit Challenge”.
  • Consider the “word vomit” as a completed piece of work on its own. Never edit the piece. Instead, feel free to craft other pieces of work by taking inspiration and/or copying lines from any of the word vomits.



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